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We are proud to offer the high-quality and flavourful e-liquids from Vampire Vape. This reputable brand has a wide variety of delicious flavours that are crafted with premium ingredients, delivering a smooth and satisfying vaping experience.

Vampire Vape 10ml


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  • Capacity: 10ml Bottle
  • Ratio: 40VG / 60PG
  • Nicotine Strength: 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg
  • Flavour Count: 20

Key Features:

  • Made by industry leading company Vampire Vape
  • Free base nicotine
  • Childproof cap for added safety
  • High Quality ingredients for optimal flavour

We are proud to offer the high-quality and flavourful e-liquids from Vampire Vape. This reputable brand has a wide variety of delicious flavours that are crafted with premium ingredients, delivering a smooth and satisfying vaping experience.

Vampire Vape e-liquids are a popular choice among our customers due to their delicious flavours. From fruity blends like Tropical Island and Pinkman, to dessert flavours like Vanilla Tobacco and Sweet Lemon Pie, Vampire Vape has a flavour for everyone. Each flavour is expertly crafted, providing a unique and enjoyable vaping experience.

We also appreciate that Vampire Vape e-liquids are available in a range of nicotine strengths, allowing our customers to customize their vaping experience to their preferences. With nicotine strengths ranging from 03mg to 18mg, our customers can choose a nicotine strength that best suits their needs.

Another great feature of Vampire Vape e-liquids is their smooth and consistent vapor production. The high-quality ingredients used in these e-liquids are designed to provide a smooth and satisfying vaping experience with ample vapor production, ensuring that our customers can enjoy a great vaping experience every time.

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Vampire Vape 10ml Flavour List


A mixed berry fusion with a burst of ice cold menthol. Fresh red berries have been fused with ripe dark fruits to create a refreshing summer berry mix.

Bat Juice

Bat Juice e-liquid is a fruity mixture of fresh red summer berries and aniseed. Taste the rich mixture of strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrants blended with a generous dose of sweet aniseed.

Berry Menthol

A refreshing vape jam packed full of raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. This fusion of wild berry flavours is contrasted by an intense minty kick which makes for a fresh juicy vape.

Black Ice

A candy inspired juice based on the iconic Blackjack sweets. This bold flavoured blend of aniseed has a sugar-coated taste with a minty kick.


A sweet smooth e-liquid tasting of the retro childhood candy. This mildly spiced liquorice and aniseed blend is jam packed full of sweet flavours and has a sugary after taste.

Caribbean Ice

A fresh, sweet flavour. Tropical juicy mango has been skilfully blended with refreshing coconut and mixed with an icy menthol kick. This chilling exotic fruit fusion with a long lasting aroma has been replicated perfectly with an intense kick from first inhale right through to the after taste.


A beautiful blend of vanilla, cinnamon, and hints of citrus. This classical favourite melts in your mouth and is complemented by an unforgettable fizz


The daddy of all day vapes! This award winning e-liquid is a fruity sensation of mixed berries topped off with a cool menthol breeze. Experience the ice cool crystal kick as the intense flavours of ripe fruits burst through.

Heisenberg Cola

A delightfully refreshing blend of the award-winning Heisenberg and classic fizzy cola

Heisenberg Grape

Amps up the fruit fusion in the Heisenberg mix for a sweet and moreish all-day vape

Heisenberg Gum

The perfect sweet treat - Heisenberg blended perfectly with a sweet and subtle hint of bubble gum.

Heisenberg Orange

Mixes in a sweet and citrusy orange soda to the iconic Heisenberg flavour for a truly unique vaping experience

Highland Brew

A bold, fizzy flavour that captures the indescribable flavours of Scotland’s second favourite beverage

Ice Menthol

An intense blast of frosty menthol with a sharp, crisp taste. Just like the cooling properties of chewing gum, this e-liquid will cleanse your palette leaving you with a mildly sweet after taste.

Orange Soda

An instant burst of tangy goodness and dominant ripe oranges on every inhale complemented by a classic soda fiz

Pineapple & Grapefruit Fizz

A sweet, refreshing pineapple inhale and a sharp, tangy grapefruit exhale, topped with a fizzy sensation


A delectably sweet blend of red fruits - one of the most popular Vampire Vape flavours!

Smooth Western V2

A traditional smooth tobacco flavoured e-liquid. With it’s strong classic flavour this juice closely resembles the taste of hand rolled cigars and is great for helping those making the transition over to vaping.

Sweet Tobacco

If you’re a lover of tobacco, then this is the juice for you! Sweet Tobacco features a light tobacco flavour with a caramel undertone.

Vamp Toes

A classic cordial-inspired berry flavour with hints of blackcurrant notes. Taste the sharp hit of ripe raspberries and fresh grapes blended together with blackcurrants, which make this juice packed full of flavour and a top all day vape contender.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vampire Vape 10ml E-liquid?

Vampire Vape 10ml E-liquid is a high-quality e-liquid that is made in the UK. It is available in a variety of flavours, including fruits, desserts, and tobacco. Vampire Vape 10ml E-liquid is made with high-quality ingredients and is free of harmful chemicals.

What are the benefits of using Vampire Vape 10ml E-liquid?

Some of the benefits of using Vampire Vape 10ml E-liquid include:

  • It is made with high-quality ingredients.
  • It is free of harmful chemicals.
  • It is available in a variety of flavours.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is easy to use.

How do I use Vampire Vape 10ml E-liquid?

To use Vampire Vape 10ml E-liquid, you will need a device that is compatible with e-liquid. Most pod systems and low-wattage devices are compatible with e-liquid. You will also need to use a coil that is designed for e-liquid. Once you have your device and coil, simply fill the tank with your favourite Vampire Vape 10ml E-liquid and enjoy!

What are the different strengths of Vampire Vape 10ml E-liquid?

Vampire Vape 10ml E-liquid is available in a variety of strengths, including:

  • 0mg nicotine
  • 3mg nicotine
  • 6mg nicotine
  • 12mg nicotine
  • 18mg nicotine

How long does Vampire Vape 10ml E-liquid last?

The length of time that Vampire Vape 10ml E-liquid lasts will depend on a number of factors, including the strength of the nicotine, the size of the bottle, and how often you vape. However, in general, a bottle of Vampire Vape 10ml E-liquid should last for several weeks or even months.

What kits work best with Vampire Vape eliquid?

Vampire Vape e-liquids can be used with a variety of kits. The 40VG/60PG ratio makes it perfect for use with starter kits, pod devices and mouth to lung vape kits. We recommend the following kits: OXVA Xlim Pro, Vaporesso XROS Pro and the Voopoo Doric 20, but any similar pod kit is ideal.

What offers on Vampire Vape juice are available from UK Vape Scene?

We have several multi-buy discounts for Vampire vape juice, including: 4 for 9.99, 8 for 18.99 and our Mix & Match Deals where you can explore our other e-liquid brands for the same great price.

What does VG and PG mean?

"VG" stands for Vegetable Glycerine and "PG" stands for Propylene Glycol, These are the standard base ingredients used in the manufacturing process of vape liquids.

How is Vampire Vape e-liquid formulated?

Vampire Vape liquid is formulated in the ratio: 40%VG to 60%PG making it suitable for most vaping devices.

What strength does Vampire Vape liquid come in?

Vampire Vape e-liquids come in a variety of nicotine strengths. These are 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. This makes it perfect for a variety of vapers either looking to quit smoking or seeking a lighter nicotine hit.