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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I change my coil?

If it's started to taste 'burnt' or feels clogged/tight when you vape, then it's time to change your coil. We also recommend changing your coil whenever you fill you tank/pod etc with a different flavour, as even after emptying the tank the previous flavour will still be soaked into the wicking of your coil.

How long should my coil last?

The length of time a coil lasts varies greatly from one person to another, and depends on a wide range of factors. As a rough guide, you can reasonably expect most types of coil to last for 20-30ml worth of e-liquid (2-3 x 10ml bottles).

Why are my coils burning out quickly?

Things that can affect the lifespan of a coil include (but aren't limited to) the flavour/strength of the e-liquid, the power output of the device your tank is attached to, how long your average puff is, how many puffs you take in a row, how well-maintained your tank is, and of course the type of coil you're using!