Clearomizers/Evod Vape Tanks

Welcome to our dedicated selection of EVODs and clearomizers, designed to enhance your vaping experience. Our high-quality products provide exceptional performance and longevity. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced vaper, we offer a range of options to suit your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a clearomizer?

A clearomizer is a type of tank system used in vaping devices. They are typically clear, allowing the user to see the level of e-liquid inside. They contain a wick that feeds e-liquid into an atomizer head, which heats the e-liquid and turns it into vapor. Clearomizers do not contain any filler material inside the tank, which helps produce cleaner, more natural flavours from the e-liquids​.

What is the difference between a top coil and a bottom coil clearomizer?

Top coil clearomizers produce warmer vapor because the coil is closer to the mouthpiece. They are refillable from the top and are less likely to leak. Bottom coil clearomizers provide consistent wicking and great vapor production, with the vapor being cooler. However, they may sometimes hiss and gurgle or develop leaks if not tightened well or if too little wick is used​​.

What is the difference between a single coil and a dual coil clearomizer?

A dual coil clearomizer will produce more vapor than a single coil one, giving a greater throat hit due to the increased vapor production. However, the vapor will tend to be cooler since the two dual coils will heat up less than a single coil. Single coil clearomizers, on the other hand, don't drain batteries as fast and will have less of a throat hit​.

How do I maintain my clearomizer?

Over time, the atomizer coil may corrode, increasing its resistance and decreasing vapor production and flavour. However, with replaceable heads, it's easy to maintain the clearomizer's performance by swapping out the old head for a new one. Some vapers even choose to rebuild the actual coil and wick system on the atomizer, which is even more cost-effective than replacing the whole atomizer head​​.