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Pop culture and Vaping



The rise of vaping has not only transformed the smoking landscape but also left an indelible mark on pop culture. From movies and music to social media and celebrity endorsements, vaping has woven itself into the fabric of modern entertainment and public life. This article delves into how vaping is represented in pop culture and its influence on public perception.

Vaping in Movies and TV Shows

Movies and TV shows have long been a mirror reflecting societal trends, and vaping is no exception. Characters in popular series and films are often seen vaping, portraying it as a trendy and modern alternative to traditional smoking. For instance, the hit TV series "House of Cards" featured Kevin Spacey's character "Francis Underwood" vaping. Similarly, blockbuster films like "The Tourist" and "Looper" have included vaping scenes, showcasing the device's sleek and futuristic appeal.

These portrayals often contribute to improving the perception we have on vaping and can shape public attitudes, making it appear as an accepted and stylish habit. However, this visibility also raises questions about responsibility, particularly concerning the potential glamorisation of vaping to underage viewers.

Music and Vaping: A Symbiotic Relationship

The music industry, known for setting trends, has also embraced vaping. Many artists and musicians have publicly expressed their preference for vaping, incorporating it into their personal brand. For instance, renowned musicians like Katy Perry and DJ Khaled are often seen vaping, both on stage and in their social media posts.

Music videos further amplify this trend. In numerous hip-hop and pop videos, artists are seen vaping, which not only highlights its prevalence but also cements its status as a fashionable lifestyle choice. This visibility can influence fans and followers, especially younger audiences who look up to these figures as role models.

Social Media: The Digital Playground for Vaping Enthusiasts

Social media platforms are pivotal in shaping and spreading vaping culture. Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are rife with influencers and enthusiasts sharing vape tricks, reviews of the latest devices, and DIY e-liquid recipes. Hashtags like #vapelife, #vapecommunity, and #vapetricks have millions of posts, creating a vibrant and engaged online community.

Influencers, with their substantial followings, play a crucial role in this dynamic. They often receive sponsorships from vape companies, promoting products through aesthetically pleasing photos and engaging content. This symbiotic relationship benefits both parties: influencers get lucrative deals, while vape companies reach a broad and targeted audience.

Endorsements and Their Impact

Celebrities have always had a profound impact on consumer behaviour, and vaping is no different. High-profile endorsements can propel a product into the mainstream, and vaping devices have enjoyed significant boosts thanks to celebrity advocacy. For example, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, often seen with a vape pen, has inadvertently become one of the most recognisable faces associated with vaping.

Such endorsements can drive public interest and acceptance, leading to increased sales and wider social acceptance. However, they also bring scrutiny, especially when the endorsement comes from figures admired by younger demographics.


Vaping's presence in pop culture is a testament to its growing influence and acceptance. From the silver screen to social media feeds, vaping has cemented itself as a modern lifestyle choice. However, with this visibility comes the responsibility to ensure that its portrayal does not unduly influence underage vaping. As the vaping culture continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how its representation in pop culture adapts and what impact it will have on future generations.

Written by Jakub.O