Direct-To-Lung Vape Tanks

Looking for a DTL vaping tank that produces big clouds of vapor? We have a wide selection of DTL tanks that will give you the best vapor production.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DTL vaping?

DTL vaping is a type of vaping where the vapor is inhaled directly into the lungs. It is similar to the way that cigarettes are smoked. DTL vaping is best suited for experienced vapers who are looking for a similar experience to smoking a cigarette.

What are the benefits of DTL vaping?

Some of the benefits of DTL vaping include:

  • It produces large clouds of vapor.
  • It can be a more satisfying vaping experience for some people.
  • DTL tanks are available in a wide variety of styles and designs.

How do I get started with DTL vaping?

If you are considering trying DTL vaping, it is important to do your research and choose a tank that is right for you. You should also start with a low wattage and gradually increase it as you get more comfortable with DTL vaping.

Here are some tips for DTL vaping:

  • Use a high-wattage device.
  • Use sub-ohm coils.
  • Start with a low wattage and gradually increase it as you get more comfortable.
  • Use a wide-bore drip tip.
  • Experiment with different e-liquids to find one that you enjoy.
  • Take breaks from vaping to avoid getting too much nicotine.