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Introducing the NEAFS TEO, a brand new alternative to smoking. The TEO works by heating (not burning) a custom crafted blend of natural ingredients to provide you with nicotine relief that feels similar to smoking traditional cigarettes. This product does not contain any tobacco, which reduces the intake of harmful ingredients by 95%.

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Neafs TEO Heating Device
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The NEAFS TEO Heating Device:

Please note: This product is not a vaping device and relies on a different mechanism to deliver nicotine. It is not suitable for use with e-liquids or other vaping products. The NEAFS TEO is designed to be used with NEAFS Nicotine Sticks only.

Product Description:

Whether you're exploring alternatives to quit smoking or seeking a less harmful substitute that doesn't compromise on satisfaction, the NEAFS TEO Heating Device offers a pioneering solution that bridges the gap between traditional smoking and vaping, all while championing health-conscious innovations.

Introducing the NEAFS TEO Heating Device, a revolutionary step forward in smoking alternatives. Unlike traditional heated tobacco products the TEO does not use tobacco, instead opting for a blend of natural ingredients. The TEO device boasts a remarkable capacity to heat over 20 sticks on a single charge, offering an impressive fourfold increase in usage compared to other popular brands.

This unparalleled efficiency is powered by a robust 1700mAh battery, ensuring prolonged usage without the need for frequent recharging. At the heart of the NEAFS TEO is a patented heating process that stands at the forefront of innovation, providing unmatched satisfaction for users seeking a fresh and exciting alternative to conventional smoking.

Designed to heat, not burn, NEAFS Nicotine Sticks contain no tobacco, instead featuring a premium blend of cellulose infused with nicotine and various flavours. This sophisticated approach offers a 90-95% reduction in chemicals and emissions compared to traditional cigarettes, making the TEO a great option for those looking for a more health conscious approach. Available in four stylish colours: blue, green, rose, and grey. The NEAFS TEO allows you to express your personal style while enjoying a cutting-edge smoking alternative.

Key Specifications:

  • Preheating Time: 20 Seconds
  • Charging Time: approx 120 Minutes (From 0% to 100%)
  • Battery Capacity: 1700mAh
  • Usage Capacity: up to 20 Sticks per Charge
  • Auto-Draw Feature
  • 6 Month Warranty

What's included?

  • 1 x TEO Heating Device
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

How to Use the NEAFS TEO

  1. Activate your TEO device by holding the fire button for 4 seconds you will feel a haptic vibration signifying the device is heating up.
  2. Insert a NEAFS stick into the barrel of the device, you should feel another vibration indicating the device has finished heating up.
  3. Now simply draw on the mouthpiece and enjoy.

Each stick provides approximately 15 puffs (roughly the equivalent of one cigarette) with the session automatically concluding after 4 minutes (at which point the device will turn off) delivering a satisfying experience with significantly reduced harmful chemicals compared with traditional cigarettes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NEAFS TEO?

NEAFS TEO is a new product that is designed to provide you with a similar experience to smoking a traditional cigarette. It is a tobacco-free product that uses a blend of all natural ingredients mixed with nicotine which reduces the intake of harmful chemicals.

Who is the NEAFS TEO for?

NEAFS TEO is for those users who are looking for a better alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes and cant take to vaping. The TEO is designed to provide a similar experience to smoking but without the harmful chemicals.

How do I use the NEAFS TEO?

To get started simply insert the tobacco-free stick into the top of the device (make sure the device is charged). Once the stick is inserted, press the button on the device to activate the heating element. Now wait till the LED stops flashing and the device vibrates this will signify that it is ready to use. Now simply inhale on the stick and enjoy.

How long does the NEAFS TEO last?

The NEAFS TEO device has a battery life of 1700mAh and can be recharged using the provided USB cable. The tobacco-free sticks last for around 15 puffs or 4 minutes of continuous use.

How do I charge the NEAFS TEO?

To charge the NEAFS TEO simply connect the provided USB cable to the device and plug it into a USB port. The LED on the device will flash to indicate that it is charging. Once the LED stops flashing the device is fully charged and ready to use.

How many NEAFS Nicotine Sticks can the TEO device heat on a single charge?

The TEO device is equipped with a robust 1700mAh battery, which allows for prolonged usage and the capacity to heat over 20 nicotine sticks on a single charge.

What are the available colours for the NEAFS TEO Heating Device?

The NEAFS TEO Heating Device is available in four stylish colors: blue, green, rose, and grey, allowing users to choose a device that best fits their personal style.

What warranty coverage is provided with the NEAFS TEO, and what does it cover?

The NEAFS TEO comes with a six-month warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.

How does the NEAFS TEO Heating Device contribute to a reduction in chemical and emission intake?

The NEAFS TEO offers a 90-95% reduction in chemicals and emissions compared to traditional cigarettes by heating, not burning, nicotine-infused cellulose, which significantly reduces the intake of harmful substances.