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This all-time classic is still a firm favourite for those who like to keep it simple; a no-nonsense, easy-to-use clearomizer from KangerTech.

KangerTech Evod (Tank)


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About KangerTech Evod (Tank)

The KangerTech Evod tank revolutionised vaping in the early days, and is still a firm favourite for a huge number of vapers.

A fantastic choice for beginner vapers and a solid option if you're looking for something discreet!

KangerTech Evod (Tank) Key Features

Uses Kangertech MT32 coils

1.6ml capacity

Bottom filling

Fixed airflow

eGo connector

14mm diameter

What's Included?

1 x Evod tank

1 x MT32 1.8 ohm coil

1 x User manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Which coils does the Evod tank use?

The Evod can use either Kangertech MT32 coils or Kangertech SOCC coils

How do you fill the Kangertech Evod?

Firstly, as the Kanger Evod is a bottom-filling tank, please ensure that you keep it upside-down (mouthpiece down) whilst refilling.

Remove the base of the tank by unscrewing the silver-coloured ring, then insert the tip of your e-liquid bottle down the side, avoiding the middle tube. If you look through the window in the side of the tank whilst you're filling it up, you'll be able to see the metal tube in the middle - avoid filling the tank higher than the top of this tube otherwise your e-liquid will spill out.

Finally, re-attach the base of the tank (including the coil).

What's the difference between MT32 coils and SOCC coils?

MT32 coils use a synthetic (silica) wick and SOCC coils use an organic cotton wick.

In practice it's really down to personal preference, but if you're not sure which ones you want then we recommend the MT32 coils as they are the more popular option.

Which e-liquid is best for the Kangertech Evod?

Anything between 40% and 60% VG is ideal - we highly recommend our Ultimate V2 range which is extremely popular amongst Kanger Evod vapers!

Why is my Kangertech Evod leaking?

The most common cause of leakage from the Kanger Evod is a worn-out coil, so try changing that first!

Another common reason is a blockage in the airflow - around the base of the tank (the silver ring) you'll see 3 very small holes which are essential for allowing air to pass through. Check that these are clean and clear of dust/dirt by pushing a pin or similar object through each hole.

If you're still having issues, your Evod may have a crack somewhere - they're robust but not indestructible, and sometimes even a hairline crack can cause leakage. If that's the case, it's simply time for a new one!